Investment Matrix

Global best practice has consistently identified professional financial planning as the key to client value – not market timing or stock selection. In response to this, Succession has developed an Investment Matrix providing its Members with a robust and market-leading proposition that delivers an optimum solution to regulatory and competitive challenges alike.

Our Investment Matrix delivers a comprehensive risk-controlled framework, facilitating a consistent and cohesive investment strategy. It offers investment solutions provided by leading global fund management houses and specialist niche investment managers. The Matrix has been developed in conjunction with independent risk and research specialists – Rayner Spencer Mills Research – to create an optimum solution; founded on significant academic research, emphasising strategic asset allocation, diversification, strict cost control and automated portfolio rebalancing.

Our Matrix Oversight Forum meets regularly to monitor the Matrix solutions and produce a range of reports and news for clients and advisers that add value to the process.

The main features of the Investment Matrix include:

  • Transparent and audited investment process
  • Industry blended risk-rating scale. Full assessment of attitude to risk / tolerance to loss
  • Access to fund management microsites providing key updates
  • Discretionary management capability catering for an exhaustive range of investment styles and disciplines
  • Governance provided by an independent Matrix Oversight Forum
  • Business owner access to all client assets