Our platform is a bespoke, open architecture system designed to manage clients' assets in a secure environment. It is underpinned with the latest internet-based, online technology offering access across all asset classes, structured products, ETFs, direct share and cash facilities, supported by a range of tax wrappers.

The Succession Investment Platform is a fund selection, stock-broking and cash management solution all in one technology.

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Investment Matrix

Our Investment Matrix delivers a comprehensive risk-controlled framework, and investment solutions provided by global fund management houses and specialist niche investment managers. It was developed in conjunction with leading independent risk and research specialist, Rayner Spencer Mills, to create an optimum solution, founded on significant academic research, emphasising strategic asset allocation, diversification, cost control and automated portfolio rebalancing.

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Our member firms embrace global best practice in financial planning and we have a shared commitment to deliver outstanding customer service.

Succession delivers the skills, knowledge and expertise to help member firms meet regulatory, legislative and competitive challenges. We provide a comprehensive range of added-value services and work hand in hand with members firms to create a sustainable, client-centric proposition with common processes and practices.

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Succession Advisory Services works in partnership with entrepreneurial wealth management firms, providing best practice financial planning and outstanding customer service to private and corporate clients. Already a major influence in the financial services industry, with boundless intellectual property and an unrivalled team of experienced industry professionals, Succession invests in high calibre businesses supporting organic and acquisitive business growth.

Together, we deliver value for all stakeholders through a shared commitment to achieving client goals, providing long-term financial planning and offering expert independent investment advice and 'best-of-breed' wealth management solutions.

Our goal is to drive value for all stakeholders.

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