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About Succession

Joining Succession as a member demonstrates that a financial advisory firm has considered carefully the challenges of the industry. For many, the catalyst for change came from the challenges of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) (now the Financial Conduct Authority) Retail Distribution Review (RDR). Others will have already identified the opportunities for growth, expansion and acquisition arising from competitive as well as regulatory pressures. By choosing to work with like-minded businesses, and implementing similar systems and processes, they have taken a major first step to creating a world-class client service proposition.

Clients will quickly become aware of a number of changes taking place, from a full review of the entire portfolio of investments, to a financial plan that identifies financial goals and objectives and restructures the client portfolio to achieve this. The client-benefits of choosing a firm that is "Powered by Succession" are explicit. The breadth and scale of our business not only introduces economies of scale but also enables wholesale buying power. Our combined and collective influence can eradicate over-pricing in the wealth management industry, as well as implement sophisticated, bespoke financial planning solutions for our members' clients.

As well as the immediate benefits, Succession creates a forward-looking business plan that recognises and plans for every eventuality giving clients peace of mind.

Succession offers:

  • Unrivalled and proven management team.
  • Significant and independent capital backing.
  • Comprehensive, bespoke business transition programme.
  • Market-leading platform strategy, pricing and investment selection framework.
  • Innovative and industrialised legacy asset transfer system.
  • Dedicated, field-based implementation team.
  • Prestigious financial planning design, mentoring and support team.
  • 'Virtual board' enabling strategic planning, growth and acquisition activity.