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Outsourced Investment Strategy

Advisers can be forgiven for thinking that they have to be experts in everything from macro market issues to the latest movements of the Tiger economy. But second guessing the market is not the job of a professional adviser and does not help clients achieve their goals.

Succession's investment solution provides member firms with a robust and market-leading proposition that delivers an optimum solution to regulatory and competitive challenges. Clients benefit from a clearly articulated investment proposition coupled with the reassurance that comes from the ongoing oversight of Succession's Investment Committee working with independent consultants Rayner Spencer Mills, who monitor fund performance and fund managers on behalf of our members and their clients.

The Investment Matrix is a sophisticated tool that enables advisers to outsource the fund management process to professional fund managers, as well as providing a robust and proper risk-controlled framework for advisers and their clients to realise long term financial goals with confidence.

Most advisers will see a 40% increase in their time, enabling them to concentrate on their core strength - the trust between themselves and their clients. Using the expertise of global fund management houses as well as specialist niche investment managers, the Investment Matrix allows advisers to choose investment solutions that meet the individual needs of clients. The quality of the reports and the external overview provided by Rayner Spencer Mills and the Investment Committee is particularly welcome in the current economic climate.