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Succession Investment Platform

Succession has worked with an industry-leading technology provider to create an Investment Platform that helps clients and their advisers manage assets with total transparency around portfolio performance, fees and charges. It is one of the many tools Succession offers, delivering value to clients whilst supporting member firms in improving their service proposition.

Our platform is a bespoke, open architecture system, offering unbiased access to more than 4000 funds, as well as a comprehensive range of alternative investment types covering all asset classes and attitude to risk. It enables business principals, advisers and support staff to select investment solutions that best meet the rigorous demands and needs of wealth management clients, and to manage and review these solutions with complete confidence. The platform is underpinned with the latest internet-based, online technology, offering access across all asset classes, structured products, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), direct share and cash facilities supported by a range of tax wrappers. It uses a modern and cost-effective wealth management system which features fully integrated online viewing and dealing facilities provided by one of the UK's leading wrap providers.

Central to our proposition, the Succession Investment Platform provides:

  • Independence from any product provider's influence as well as independent evaluation of the investment market from leading research and risk management consultants.
  • Access to innovative investment solutions including the Succession Investment Matrix, as well as unbiased and unrestricted coverage of the investment and tax wrapper market.
  • Competitive pricing and transparent adviser charging structure.
  • Adviser access to comprehensive business practice support services, including retrospective reporting to improve liaison with other professionals including accountants and solicitors.
  • Open IT architecture developed by leading UK wrap provider.
  • Comprehensive management information suite to inform and support your adviser’s service proposition and underpin regulatory and audit requirements.
  • Administration efficiencies, allowing more time for advisers to invest in client relationships and good synergy with existing office systems.
  • Consolidated view of assets, regular statements, plus online access for clients providing real time valuations.

Our growing range of product partners gives access to an unfettered number of funds (approximately 3,000) and other stock exchanges, including ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds), Investment Trusts, Venture Capital Trusts, Bonds, Gilts and Cash. Also a competitive interest bearing cash management solution is also available. Model Portfolios can also be set up at a client level by advisers on the platform, allowing advisers to create a range of cost-effective portfolios based on their client's attitude to risk, growth and income.