Becoming a Member

Here at Succession, we use bridge imagery to symbolise the journey in which we will work with you to build your own bridge and reach your end goal. The first stage of this journey is to become a Member firm.

Successful financial planning and wealth management firms join Succession having already achieved significant funds under management. Their goal is to continue building capital value, recognising the contribution of key members of staff and shareholders.

It is a journey that bridges the professional and financial goals of business owners.  We provide solutions that develop and support your business today, whilst retaining independence, with the option of future consolidation and acquisition, providing longer term security and continuity for clients and staff.

Initial Discussion

Like all good planning processes, we begin with an initial discussion focusing on you and your business, to determine whether joining Succession is the right Strategy for you. We will want to understand your short and long-term objectives and goals so that we can begin to model an effective plan for you.

Next Step - Model an effective plan

Model an effective plan

When you decide to join Succession as a Member firm, we study your operations and analyse the metrics and we will talk through the development of your employees. From this, we create a business plan designed to develop and enhance your business.

Next Step - Meet other member firms

Meet other member firms

You will meet other Member firms who are in various stages of their transition journey, giving you the chance to discuss and explore ideas and allow you to experience, first hand, the benefits of joining Succession.

Next Step - Allocate a Regional Director

Allocate a Regional Director

In the final stage, we talk through the Membership Agreement and allocate a Regional Director to support you through your pre-joining due diligence.

Next Step - Becoming a member

Becoming a member

Becoming a Member Firm of Succession Advisory Services allows you to experience the benefits of our professional training, our expert processes and our new age technology.

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