Quilter Cheviot

Quilter Cheviot is one of the UK’s leading discretionary investment managers, and a pioneer in the development of a Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) for professional advisers and their clients.

As a key component of the 26-strong Old Mutual Wealth Multi-Asset capability, one of the largest and most experienced dedicated units in the UK, Quilter Cheviot’s MPS team is focused on delivering solutions designed to help Succession advisers bridge the gap between their client and the achievement of their aspirations.

Launched in 2011, the Succession MPS comprises six actively managed strategies. These portfolios are constructed utilising our whole of market approach to manager selection, and are driven by our expertise in strategic and tactical asset allocation. In addition, our MPS Index (IDX) strategies offer a lower-cost suite of four actively managed, multi-asset portfolios constructed predominantly from index funds. Each portfolio offers daily liquidity, is regularly rebalanced, and has been designed specifically for Succession members to complement the risk matrix developed under the core investment principles.

Quilter Cheviot is delighted to be working with Succession, and coupled with its dedicated team of Business Development Managers and national presence across twelve offices, prides itself on its ability to provide a truly personal, local service to Succession members and their clients.