TMS Financial Solutions

We joined Succession to build on our service proposition. This has resulted in us becoming a true financial planning firm rather than a team of fund pickers. We were totally committed to the idea of outsourced investment solutions and the core investment matrix with the oversight of the Investment Committee was perfect for what we wanted for our clients. It gave us the chance to embed consistent processes across our two offices and all of our advisers, something we had been battling with for many years.  Being a member also gave us a realistic Succession Plan giving certainty to our clients and employees. Being Powered by Succession gave us a robust investment proposition that we trust, resulting in greater confidence when advising our clients, who have really embraced the proposition.  It has enhanced the value of our business, increased profitability, improved cash flow and provides consistent processes across our two office locations. Our clients have welcomed the more efficient management of their assets, by using one platform for a specific segment of our client bank, where our wealth management service is considered suitable. Since completing the journey we are now also able to offer a cost effective proposition to a segment of our client bank, where it has proved difficult to do so in recent times, without compromising either the cost to the client or our profitability.