Target Wealth Management

“The future of financial services is all about creating scale to give clients security, value for money and specialist support. Professional connections and larger clients value that we are part of Succession.

We were one of the first firms to join Succession as a member in 2009, at a time when many business owners were giving away their assets because of regulatory change and the economic downturn. We adopted Succession’s transition blueprint to ensure sustainable profits and to build capital value into our business.

At the time we had £40million FUM at a rate of 0.6% and in July 2014 when we were acquired by Succession, this had grown organically and by acquisition to £130million at 1%.

 On Joining Succession as a Member  On being acquired by Succession  
FUM £40million £130million 
EBITDA 6% 32% 
Turnover £1.1million £2.1million