Verus Wealth

My firm joined Succession as a member with a long term view to capitalising the business built over the previous 10 years.  We were already in the 1% world, and we saw the potential and benefits of the investment matrix and the structure process that Succession had developed.

As Practice Principals, you can imagine it is difficult to let your “baby” go, after shedding blood and tears building it, however I kept focused on the bigger picture.  The acquisition process was tough so prepare yourself for the journey ahead.  I can safely say it was the hardest I have ever worked in my life.  The integration team at Succession will assist as much as possible but ultimately you will want to maximise your business value, which means work for you.

I now get to concentrate on the best part of the job, seeing my existing clients and finding new ones.  After all, I am only part way through the journey until the ultimate goal is reached.