Your Key to Succession



A firm begins their Succession journey by becoming a member of Succession Advisory Services.

A Regional Director will be allocated to the firm to ensure all aspects of Succession’s model can be discussed and the firm can maximise the benefits of being a Member of Succession. Key personnel from across Succession will be introduced to the firm to assist in this process.

The length of time from becoming a SAS member and beginning the Consolidation Process varies from firm to firm.

Our member firms benefit from Succession’s Investment Platform and back office technology, intellectual property, advanced governance processes, scale and specialist expertise along with the Succession Investment Matrix which is comprised of a number of internationally renowned Investment Houses providing competitively priced investment solutions.



The Transition stage begins the consolidation of a firm into Succession Group.

A Transition and Development Plan is written for each firm and is designed to guide the firm through the various Transition elements towards acquisition.

The transition stage is monitored regularly in conjunction with the firm principal(s) and key staff to ensure progress is being made against the Transition and Development Plan and to enable the RDs to present the firm to the Acquisition Executive Group to move to the Acquisition Stage

During transition our member firms remain in full control, keeping their DA authorisation and branding, allowing timing for the acquisition phase (if applicable) to suit their needs and objectives, whilst being provided with all of the benefits and support Succession has to offer.



When a firm is ready to move into the Acquisition stage, due diligence will commence.

In tandem with the completion of due diligence, commercial negotiations will take place including the agreement of warranties and indemnities in the legal documentation.

Following formal internal approval of the acquisition, the legal documentation is completed and the acquisition is finalised.

Following the acquisition of a firm, the Integration stage commences which is designed to complete the remaining consolidation and Asset Migration activities prior to becoming fully part of Succession Group. An Integration Plan will be executed by the firm, supported by Succession key personnel, to ensure the remaining elements of the Succession Conditions Matrix are completed on time.

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